Super Easy Way to Add Sparkle to Your Cards

Hello again. Shannon here. 

Do you enjoy crafty experiments? I definitely do! I think that is one of the many reasons I love Brutus Monroe so much. So many mediums and products to play with and discover!

As I was playing/experimenting in my craft room, I stumbled across a fun new way to use Thermoweb Pixie Spray.

I wanted to add an all over sparkle to my snowy background for this wintery card. I knew I didn’t want to use anything that would warp my paper. Pixie Spray is a light adhesive spray used to create a tighter seal between your stencils and the surface on which you are stenciling. The adhesive is lighter than most spray adhesives because it isn’t designed to adhere something permanently. The Pixie Spray is perfect for the lightweight of glitter though (which already wants to stick to everything!). 

To see a video tutorial check out my YouTube video: Crafty Shannonigans

To use this technique:

-Spray Pixie Spray onto your paper (I use an old dishpan as a spray box).
-Pour on your glitter (I used Brutus Monroe Sparkling Snowflake glitter. It is very fine which aids in its ability to stick).
-Tap off the loose glitter. Rub finger across the paper to remove any excess and to secure the glitter into the adhesive a bit.

This works great over patterned paper and colored images too.

I just love the twinkle and shine of the holidays! This simple technique makes it so easy to add that extra sparkle to your projects. 

I hope you give it a try soon! Happy Crafting

Product Links:

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Holly cardstock

Candy Stripes paper pad

Simple Snowflakes dies

White Christmas stamps

Poinsettia Joy stamps

Random Dots stencil

Christmas Eve embossing powder

Raven ink

White ink

Embossing Ink 

Foam squares

Tissue tape


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