Halloween Pumpkin Decorating


Do you like to carve pumpkins? I am afraid I do not. I guess I am just not that skilled with the sharp instruments. Maybe it is just the messy pumpkin guts I can do without. Here in Arizona, pumpkins don’t last long in the heat either.  I have definitely got a preference for painting them. This year I went all out and even bought craft pumpkins.

I had a brilliant plan to stencil my pumpkins but quickly found that was easier said than done. In order to do so, I would need more flexible, possibly adhesive stencils. I had my pumpkins, I had some time, and I was ready to roll. I improvised.

I didn’t want my stencil idea to be a complete waste so I used one with modeling paste. This worked out pretty well. I used the round sponge brush, featured in the picture below, to make polka dots on my pumpkin. I was brave and tried my hand at making a scripty greeting on my last one with paint pens. I added a little ribbon and a little ghost and “voila” my pumpkins were finished!


Super simple, easy to replicate, not too many expensive supplies. Happy Halloween!

I figured I should add the TryDay Friday I did for FSJ a few weeks back.


Here’s the link:


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