Back to School

Well here it is, my first official blog post. I had a very unique opportunity come my way back in July. I was visiting my family in Utah and my sister, Sue and I decide to go and check out our old elementary school.

We had only planned on checking out the grounds but because of maintenance work, the building was open (though school was not in session). We decided it couldn’t hurt to ask if we could take a picture or two.

When we entered the doors of what used to be Libbie Edwards Elementary School, I was immediately struck by how small it was compared to my memory of it. As we approached the front desk of what is now a school for deaf and blind children, the staff was very warm and welcoming. They very kindly permitted us to look around. Here are a few photos from our trip down memory lane.


I think it is kind of fitting that as I embark on learning something new, I am blogging a back to school project. As a concept designer at FSJ, I have been given the opportunity to do a weekly Facebook live called Tryday Friday. It is on the Fun Stampers Journey Facebook page and airs at 3pm (Arizona Time) each friday. Here is a YouTube link to this project: TryDay Friday Passport Book

FSJ TryDay Friday Passport Book 2

Here is a link to the Fun Stampers Journey Blog where you can find more details:

Now that we have added a little personal note from Benji to our pocket, we are ready to give this to his amazing teacher!




11 thoughts on “Back to School”

  1. yay! love it girl! love the blog, love the project, and love YOU!!!! I went back to my elementary school quite a while back, and i was also struck with how SMALL it was! The playground was GIANT in my mind – but not so much anymore!!!! (I think I prefer my kid-size memory of it!)


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